Happy Mothers Day

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Happy Mothers Day from Spatulated on Vimeo


Using this thing

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This is supposed to be where I put creative works I am proud of. I want to start it up again, so first, some back logging. What i forgot to put up here recently.

Good Moment – A little piece I wrote while I was happy and in Wally (the RIT library) On the third floor.

Mortality – On death life and Virginia Tech

Super Martin – Photo shoot with Caroline. We tried to make her a super hero who could read minds.

Bowling – Photos of friends and the RA from Sol 6 at RIT bowling from first quarter. First time messing with Light room too.

Powers – Roleplay – A comic review

That just about does it. Don’t expect this blog to actually update -I’m a slacker at heart. But feel free to hope. thats what I am doing.


Be My Valentine

•February 15, 2007 • 6 Comments

A digital macaroni heart I made for Emily out of “scraps” (pieces of photos and drawings in google image search) on construction paper with glue (photoshop)

New Years

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Photos from the new year. more

emily and art

Oath of the Hopelessly Romantic

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I cannot and will not, in good faith, as a hopeless romantic, allow those who create magic around me, spin wondrous moments, or embrace silly as standard to get away, push me away, or fade from memory; not without a charmingly decent showing of effort to the contrary.

Cliché – Lab Lens

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A computer screen in the optics lab.

Voom on 3

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A short photo story.